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Don’t Move Firewood!

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Virginia’s forests are under constant threat of attack from non-native plants, pathogens, and insects. Many of these problematic species, both native and invasive, can live in and on firewood and downed debris. One of the ways they are able to disperse long distances throughout the state and country is by the movement of firewood to campgrounds, parks, and other forests. By purchasing firewood that is either heat treated or local to the area you are camping, you are helping to minimize the threat of these species moving to areas where they do not belong.

How to be a Firewood Scout!

  • Ask yourself- has this firewood been heat treated or cured for at least 2 years? This is the most preferred firewood as it eliminates any pests that could be in or on your firewood.
  • Buy or gather firewood near your destination, and only what you will use on your trip. Burn all firewood to completion before you leave - don’t take it to your next destination or leave it for the next person.
  • Spread the word about the hazards of moving firewood! The more people that hear the message the less likely we will spread pests!
  • Pay attention to state quarantines and areas with active pest infestations. It is especially important to leave wood in these areas and not move transport it to other regions.

Firewood Safety Table

Additional Information:

  • Virginia Department of Forestry
  • The Nature Conservancy