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Burning non-approved firewood on MN-DNR lands could spread pests & disease & may lead to forfeit of your firewood and $100 fine.

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Locations displayed on this map include:

  1. Minnesota State park locations selling firewood,
  2. Vendors retailing firewood, originating in Minnesota, that has been certified by the MN Dept. of Agriculture or the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to have been heat-treated and free of pests.
  3. Vendors retailing certified firewood as defined in #2 above may be added to Minnesota’s directory after approval from the MN Department of Natural Resources. For more information, email the MN Firewood Scout State Contact.

Only Approved Firewood is Allowed on Minnesota DNR Lands

Emerald ash borer (EAB) and many other forest pests and diseases can be accidentally transported in firewood. In order to help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive pests, state statute was amended by commissioner’s order to prohibit firewood being brought onto Minnesota Department of Natural Resources lands unless approved by the DNR (Minnesota Statute, section 89.551 (b)).

Firewood burned on Minnesota DNR Lands MUST be from one of the following sources.

  • Purchased at the State Park where the firewood will be used.
  • Non-ash firewood, harvested in the same county as the DNR unit where it will be burned.
  • Kiln-dried, unpainted, unstained dimensional lumber that is free of any metal or foreign substances, or manufactured logs.
  • Firewood of any species harvested in Minnesota certified by the MN Dept. of Agriculture or the USDA. Certified wood will have the stickers below on the label. You must be able to show the receipt and a bundle label to DNR staff if requested when on MN-DNR Lands.

MN & USDA APHIS EAB Certified Wood Logos

Persons bringing non-approved firewood onto DNR lands are subject to confiscation of their firewood and a $100 penalty.

For a full list of approved firewood and for more information click the link below.

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