Firewood Scout


Campfire and tent

Sitting and relaxing by the campfire. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air. Leaning back and looking up into the leafy canopy of the forests around you. For many of us, it doesn’t get any better than that. But what if part of this peaceful scene was helping to destroy the very places that you love most?

Did you know that moving firewood long distances can accidentally bring dangerous pests and diseases to your favorite campgrounds or hunting lands? You can slow the spread of these invasive insects, like the emerald ash borer and the Asian longhorned beetle, by buying firewood at or near where you will burn it. By buying local firewood, or firewood that has been certified as heat treated to kill insects, you can make a difference.

Please help protect our forests. Buy your firewood where you plan to burn it, or buy state-certified or federally-certified heat treated firewood.

Don’t know where to find local sellers or certified heat treated firewood? We can help. And remember to check ahead with your campground as availability and regulations on firewood vary.

Learn more about better firewood practices through the following resources: