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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I be included in the firewood sales directory?

If you’re a firewood vendor in one of our participating states and would like to add your business to our directory, please fill out the Add Your Business form. Please note that a few states have stringent requirements for their directory and require approval from a state agency to be listed. Check your state’s homepage for details.

How can I find firewood vendors?

If you’re looking for firewood in one of our participating states, you’re in the right place! Visit our homepage, where you can enter a destination in the search bar, or click on a state to browse vendors by state.

What is certified firewood?

Thanks to our friends at Don’t Move Firewood, most people know that it’s a bad idea to move firewood from one place to another. But, there’s one important exception. Wood that is certified heat treated has been processed and proven to meet strict USDA or state-based standards. Bundled and packaged firewood with the USDA or state heat treatment seal is considered to be safe to move and is the only firewood that can be legally transported over longer distances.

We are working to include more certified listings on Firewood Scout and will always label a business when we know that they sell certified firewood. Also know that all labels aren’t equal: wood advertised as “kiln-dried” does not necessarily mean the same thing as “certified heat treated.” While kiln-dried wood can burn well and produce a lovely campfire, it doesn’t carry any formal assurance that it is free of dangerous pests.

It’s important for firewood users to know that, in an effort to protect forest health, some campgrounds are now requiring that ALL firewood entering their facilities carry a certified seal. And, please note that some states have now created their own in-state firewood certification programs and may have other regulations that apply within that state. It’s a good idea to do your research and/or call ahead before visiting any site to find out what its firewood policies are. And remember, even if certified products are not required, they are always the safest choice. If your campground doesn’t require certified wood, and if it doesn’t permit the gathering of firewood on site, the only other good option is to purchase it within a few miles of where you will use it.

What are firewood regulations in my state?

The Don’t Move Firewood website maintains state-specific information on firewood regulations and recommendations. It also lists information for Canada and Mexico. And, remember, if you’re headed out for an adventure, it’s always a good idea to check with your destination campground or recreation area in case they have their own local firewood restrictions.

How can I learn more about this website?

Visit our About Us page for general information, or send us a note using our contact form if you have a more specific question. Make sure to direct your note to “Project Manager - General Inquiry.”

Do you have a Firewood Scout app?

The Firewood Scout website is built to have a smartphone mode - called a “responsive design” feature - that automatically detects your smartphone or tablet and re-formats itself into a user friendly version for that type of device. This means that you can seamlessly move from home computer, to laptop, to tablet, to smartphone- all while maintaining the same basic format and information. Therefore, we do not have (nor need) an app version of Firewood Scout.

How can my state participate?

Each participating state partners with us to manage the listings in their own state. If you’re interested in adding your state, please download our partner state overview guide and send us a note using our contact form. We welcome additional states!