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Red pins are firewood vendors that either do not sell certified heat treated firewood, or the types of wood they sell have not been specified. Yellow pins are firewood vendors that have stated they sell certified heat treated firewood.

Protect New Hampshire’s Forests:

Transporting firewood threatens our forests by potentially giving a free ride to insects and diseases. Help protect New Hampshire’s wild and scenic beauty and leave your firewood at home when you travel. Don’t transport pests - when it comes to firewood,



  • Buy or gather firewood near your destination, and only what you will use on your trip.
  • When you buy firewood locally, get a receipt.
  • Burn all firewood to completion before you leave - don’t take it to your next destination or leave it for the next person.
  • Tell your friends and others about the risks of travelling with firewood - no one wants to be responsible for starting a new pest infestation

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Does New Hampshire have any invasive species you should be concerned about?

Various regions in New Hampshire are infested with invasive tree-killing insects that are at risk for spread via firewood movement, including emerald ash borer (EAB) and hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). Take the highest level of precaution in these areas when purchasing firewood by buying heat-treated wood, gathering wood on site when permitted, or, if neither of those options is available, purchase wood very local to the area. Buy or gather only what you need and burn it completely.

For more New Hampshire-specific information on forest pests please visit these pages: